Shielding Tarps Blankets

TotalShield Large blast and impact resistant tarp blanket

Impact Resistant Shielding Blankets & Tarps

TotalShield’s impact resistant blankets and tarps are designed and fabricated with ballistic resistant inner-layers encased in protective outer-layers to capture high velocity shrapnel and mitigate a range of blast including, but not limited to, gases or water jets. They can be used as protective shields, test apparatus covers, and pressure vessel test covers. Our blast and impact resistant blankets and tarps offer an economical alternative to rigid shielding options.TotalShield Impact tarp designed to blanket pressure vessel during test, with venting

Typical industry applications include:

  • New product development and testing.
    • avoiding high cost of new facilities or facility changes for hazardous testing.
  • Impact protection in constrained spaces
    •  providing a flexible high impact and blast blanket shield that is removable after each test and easily folded to store when not in use.

TotalShield high impact and fragment containment blanket

  • Covering complex geometric assemblies during test
    •  can be designed in a wide range of sizes or shapes, impact resistant capabilities, and blast containment levels.
  • Pressure testing vessels and equipment

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