Total Solutions

Total Solutions

TotalShield® is committed to offering a Total Solution to our customers.  Following is our step-by-step Design Methodology:

  • Determination of the maximum threat scenario.
  • Conceptual design of several suggested protection paths.
  • Proper material selection and framing design for rigid shielding designs.
  • If no previous test data applies proof testing is performed.
  • Product design finalization and approval.
  • Fabrication and delivery.
  • Installation Instruction (for some solutions).
  • A Letter Report is included with all of our custom products, detailing the design methodology, analysis, and design parameter specification.

High Speed Video of TotalShield Proof Test with 32 lb. projectile

TotalShield’s custom designed shielding solutions are available utilizing various materials, transparent and nontransparent, framing systems, and configurations, depending on your specific shielding requirements. These include, but are not limited to:

Machine Guarding
TotalShield Machine Guarding

  • installed surrounding or between hazardous machines and operating personnel, our transparent shielding enables observance of machine operation while providing a protective barrier from workers in the vicinity.

Shielding Rooms
TotalShield Transparent Shielding Rooms

  • installed as secondary containment rooms and free-standing barriers or walls, transparent or non transparent, our shielding rooms protect personnel from all types of hazardous machines and operations.

Shielding Tarps & Blankets
TotalShield high impact and blast containment blanket tarp

  • installed covering a pressurized vessel or explosive apparatus, our shielding blankets and tarps are economical methods of blast and shrapnel containment.  Ideal for laboratory product development testing where product visibility is not required.

Explosive Blast Containment
TotalShield Transparent Box Enclosures

  • designed to contain your specific blast loading, our enclosures and shields can contain explosive potential testing apparatuses, explosive blasts, and protect against flying shrapnel.

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