HETShield ®


TotalShield HETShield sizes 10 and 3 shown with protective storage covers

TotalShield HETShield sizes 1, 3, and 10 without covers
Heat Exchanger Pressure Test Shield

TotalShield HETShield Heat Exchanger Test Shield size 6

Visually Inspect Tube Plugs Safely during hydro-static pressure testing:

  • HETShield® provides protection that ensures worker safety, while enabling close visual inspection of the tubesheet during pressure tests.

Ease of Use:

  • The unique slotted frame design allows for attachment to multiple flange diameters and bolts directly onto the channel cover flange or tubesheet with (4) 3/4″ diameter studs.
  • The entire set of 10 HETShields will fit heat exchangers from 6 inch to 8 feet in diameter.
  • Mounting rings are fabricated from powder coated Aluminum to reduce weight and resist corrosion. Steel rings are available as an alternative.

Tested Performance:

  • The HETShield® has been designed, tested and certified to resist the impact of a 1″ diameter X 1.75″ long steel plug expelled from a heat exchanger tube pressurized to 4000 psi.

HETShield® Set:

  • The full range of HETShields shown below are available as a complete set of 10 or as a custom set of your choosing. Contact us for current pricing.

TotalShield HETSHield sizing chart


TotalShield HETShield sizes 1-5


TotalShield HETShield sizes 6-8

TotalShield HETShield sizes 9 & 10

US Patent No.: US 8,920,897 B2

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