Engineering Services

Engineering Services

TotalShield® offers consulting engineering services for all shielding situations, including:

  • Analysis and protection from blast effects
    • Explosive loading and containment
    • Pressure Vessel failure analysis
  • Impact response analysis
    • Small and Large projectiles
    • Spall assessment and protection
  • Ballistic assessment and protection
    • UL752 and NIJ ratings
  • Workplace and hazardous machine personnel shielding review and analysis
    • Viewing windows
    • Best Practices development
  • Existing workplace protection assessment

We also perform hazardous machine and pressure vessel failure analyses and complete workplace safety assessments, including personnel procedure, traffic reviews and worker efficiency improvement through implementation of “hands off” safety barriers.

As shielding protection can diminish through shield damage and wear, TotalShield® also offers periodic shielding inspection services to ensure continuing optimum product performance. Please contact us for more information on how we can assist you.

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